Monday, February 8, 2010

You can't call them Zombies!

*Author's note* Sorry for the missed post on Friday. It was a very hectic day that by the time I got home and the kids to bed I was a mindless zombie so I went to bed around 10:30. Anyway, on to some real life zombies.

Looking down the street, he felt that time wouldn't wait for him to take the long way so he headed into the park. The usual banter from the crickets was nonexistent, even the familiar howl of the dog by the house nearest the park was absent.

A sickening feeling crawled over his skin like a nest of ants began to erupt from his pores. With the added motivation of the repetitive sound of his girlfriend's terrified voice, he pulled his hood over his head and hurried into the shadows.

His heart pumped quickly as stuck his hands in the kangaroo pouch. The whisking of grass as he quickly sped across the baseball field outfield added to his nerves. A low grumble stopped Kyle in his tracks. The hairs on his arms sprung up like a current of electricity passed across his skin. The growl continued to grow closer.

Swallowing the growing lump in his throat, he turned toward the sound. He couldn't see anything in the darkness. Not even the trusty moonlight could penetrate the deep shadows. He fumbled for his cell phone in his pocket, but stopped at the sound of a slow crunch behind him, in the infield dirt. Someone drug their foot through the dirt which made Kyle grit his teeth.

Fumbling through his pocket, he gripped the edge of his cell and the sound of the scratching dirt vanished. He spun toward the sound, his heart racing, sweat popping up along his temples. He always wondered what it felt like to be scared out of his mind, and it was closing in quickly.

"Who's there?" He called out. Trying to keep his voice steady failed as it came out in a ragged whisper.

Somewhere in the distance a growl started up again. He just called them toward him, whatever they were. More growls joined in and he counted at least five more all in the same field he stood.

The cold chill of a night breeze blew across his forehead and he couldn't stop his teeth from chattering. A hand touched his arm and he let out a shriek. He bounced away, almost losing his bladder and darted to his left, hoping that he wouldn't run into anyone or anything.

More growls moved toward him. Seeming to speed up as he ran. He glanced over his shoulder and didn't see anything until he ran into a soft, cold form. They both tumbled and while using his hands to brace himself, he flung his cell phone out.

He landed on his arms, a stiff shot of pain shot up his left one and he grimaced as he fell to the ground. Adrenaline flooded his body as he pulled himself off the ground and quickly searched for his cell phone. It couldn't have gotten too far he thought as he patted the ground around where he fell.

To his right a low moan came, and he stopped looking in the direction. The stench of crap made his eyes water and he dumbly asked, "Who's there?"

Only a groan returned. More lumbering sounds closed in on him. He backed up into a fence, the sound of clothes shifting surrounded him from all sides. From the corner of his eye he caught the glimpse of a puff of hair against a pale scalp. He thought he saw blood on the skin, but wasn't sure. He couldn't be sure of anything with the way his body succumbed to the growing fear.

Somewhere to his left he heard the skitter of something that could be his cell phone, or something completely different. Clenching the chain links in the fence behind him, he felt a piece prick his skin.

Jumping over the fence could be an escape, or he could try for the thing he thinks is his cell phone, whatever he needs to do is get to where he can see whatever is making these noises.

Which choice should Kyle make?
1. Forget about his cell phone and hop the fence, hoping that he can get to a better lit place.
2. Go for his cell phone in case he needs it for an emergency as well as use it as a light to get out of the park to his girlfriends?

You decide, and you better hurry because whatever is making these sounds are closing in on him fast. Both are dangerous options. Tune in next Monday to see where you have decided it goes now.

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