Wednesday, February 3, 2010

WiP Wednesday

Well today is a better Wednesday than the last one, except for being a bit under the weather. Today I have decided that instead of picking on project to work on, I'm going to bounce around them all.

Remembering that my first novel came from a novella to start is how I am approaching these. Going to write these until they come to their own ending. Then I'll go back and put some meat onto the very bare bones.

So for those of you keeping count, I am currently working on four projects at once. Wish me luck as I hope to have all four in first draft format by the beginning of Summer. (June 21st.) I know it seems like such a long time, but writing 4 300 word books(or there about) it's not long at all.

Oh yeah, it might only be one done by that time, or two, but no less than that.

Project 1: Currently at 100 pages.
Project 2: Currently at 35 pages.
Project 3: Currently at 20 pages.
Project 4: Currently at 9 pages.

Any suggestions, should I not bounce between them and focus my energy on one? Or do you think it can work with my bouncing around between all four of them? What would you do in my case?

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