Wednesday, February 24, 2010

WiP Wednesday

Well its another Wednesday and things have calmed down. I've been sit for the past couple days, which is making it hard to focus on my current projects. I have gone over 6 chapters in my Nano novel, which is better than I remember. It's nice giving it three months to simmer before looking at it again. So far I have a few plot changes in mind which might help make it more cohesive and a better story overall.

My other WiP is still at a stand still in that it is getting about two hundred new words at a time when I work on it. I like the story, but think I might need to start it over and go in a different direction as I think the current one might not have the legs that I thought it had at first. I'm thinking something in a similar vein of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," but haven't completed settled on it. I know my favorite element of the story is the inner conflict of having the narrator possessed and being able to communicate with the "thing" that is inside and them working together to solve their mutual problems.

How is your current projects going? Anything you want to report?


  1. I'm working obsessively on a non-fiction project. Over 25k done as of yesterday - I forgot to check tonight. But I'm still excited about it!

  2. Very cool. What's it about? I've never contemplated a non-fiction project before. Is it more difficult than fiction?