Friday, February 12, 2010

A couple of questions to ponder over the weekend

I have a couple of questions for you guys to think about over this romantic weekend.

I was thinking about romantic relationships in relation to my writing and have noticed that they are there, but more of a subplot. I don't write romance so that could play a part, but I still try to fit in a bit of romance in my stories. My current novel has no real romance, but there are moments when you think that it is possible between the main female character and a couple of the other guys in the story, but its never realized. The male protagonist has an established girlfriend, which adds that element, but its not fully explored as there are circumstances that prevent it throughout.

I think I use romance more as a way to deepen the character. Show another level of them that people can relate too.

So my questions to you:

How important do you think romance is to stories that aren't romantics? Does it add an extra element to the story that is needed? Do you think is required in all stories regardless of genre? What are some of your favorite romantic moments in literature?


  1. Personally, I prefer to read books that *don't* have a romantic element. Life is complicated enough. ;-)

  2. Good point. I was thinking back to some of the books that I've read and not many have romantic stuff in the forefront, more of a sort of subtle thing that never gets fully realized.

  3. I read a book once where there was a strong romantic element within the "thriller" type plot. I totally found the romance distracting, LOL! (To quote Fred Savage's character in The Princess Bride: "They're kissing again. I HATE that.")

    On the other hand, the "romance" can be an integral part--will the couple persevere and stay together, or will they be torn apart by the circumstances of the plot? Oh, agony! LUV it! :)