Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In honor of Possession by Elana Johnson

I know I don't usually post on Tuesday's but today is a special day. My friend Elana Johnson's book "Possession" comes out today. I critiqued it many many months ago and it's great to see her reach her goals of being published. I am participating in a contest for it and a way to spread the word so I need to write a post on a time I broke the rules. So here it goes, it goes back a long time ago, I think I was between twelve and thirteen, maybe younger.

My sister lived in an apartment complex behind my parents house when I was a preteen, me and my friends used to go over there to hang out and watch MTV way back then. One day she wasn't home, so we started to climb the garage building. It was cool, dangerous, and looking back sort of stupid. However, it got worse. To get down, we jumped off the roof and landed on the hood of a dusty car that looked like it hadn't been used in years. We didn't think anything of it, except for how fun it was to jump off the roof of a building and to land on something. Sort of like an action movie. I remember denting it pretty good on a few of my jumps and so did my friends. We put some major work into it as we jumped on both the hood and the roof. So after doing this for about an hour, like normal kids, we got bored and left to do something else. When we returned a day or two later, police were there asking questions.

Now that was one of a few dumb things I did during my youth and regret now. So what is something you did that broke the rules?


  1. Oh man, you vandal! Lucky thing the Thinkers didn't catch you. Thanks for joining us.

  2. So where's the YouTube video of this action sequence? Because THAT, I'd love to see! And yeah, cops or not, I'm pretty sure you knew something was wrong back when, oh, I don't know, you were climbing on the roof? Lol!

  3. Ahh! Good thing you didn't get caught! And ROFL Windy. NOWADAYS that's the kids woulda been doing!