Monday, June 13, 2011

I took a small break from writing and lived to tell the story

This past weekend, I decided not to charge my laptop, which I write on, because I needed a breather. My characters were upset that I wasn't going to spend the weekend with them, but for my own sanity and health I needed to get away so that I could better understand their position, their problems, and then I could come back and help them along their journey.

Now this break was only three days, but during those three days, the characters reveled in the freedom, they had no work to do and now it's Monday and we all seem on the same page. I can see the next scene in my head, I can see the next few things leading up to the ending and I needed this because I was becoming too close to the story. I was sort of not seeing the forest for the trees so to speak. 

I got lost in the minute details of everything, most of it might be cut in the revision, some might be polished up to make shiny and stick out, because it makes the book stronger. 

My question for you, my faithful readers and commentors, when you take a break, if you do, what do you find the most fun when getting back at it? What do you think draws you back to the book and not just shelving it? My reason is the characters. They won't leave the heck alone. 

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  1. Same for me, too. Although, sometimes it's the plot twists and events to come that get me revved up to write again. :)