Monday, June 6, 2011


My current project has got my head spinning and its frustrating to know that I was unable to figure out the reason behind it. So this past weekend, I did no writing. I did some yard work, hung out with friends and family, and gave myself a weekend to relax and recharge my batteries.

When do you know it's time for a break? Do you ever get the feeling that you are surrounded by the impossible task of writing a novel? What do you do to relax? I did do some brain storming while I was relaxing, and think that this week will be a good one. I might have figured out a solution to my problem part.

Have you ever taken a break to try and see a problem from another angle? How long did you take? What were the results?

Oh yeah, just in case anyone didn't know yet Elana Johnson's novel Possession is coming out tomorrow June 7th. Go check out her blog to find out where her blog tour is going to be taking her? Have a great and productive week.


  1. Hey john! Any time you're feeling frustrated is a good time to take a break. Frustrated writing, just trying to work out the problem, usually isn't very good writing. At least not for me. Sometimes it's good to take a break and maybe just read for pleasure. Don't even think about your story. Another thing I like to do is to go back to page one and start reading. Fix small things if you want, but try not to edit found much. Just read. Re-discover things you love about the characters and plot, make note of things that aren't working, and I bet you'll also start to notice things that you hadn't originally intended to develop or that could be taken in different directions. Hopefully that will give you some ideas.

    Also, I had a moment last week where some ideas struck me about your story and I haven't had enough time to put them to paper (or screen lol) but I'll definitely get back to you by the end of this week!

  2. Thank you. I'm hoping to try that this evening. I've been stuck at the plot point into Act 3, pushed through it but now don't think it's working quite the way I want it to, so will need to go back to that point and modify a few things and hopefully fix the nagging problem.