Friday, June 17, 2011

Battle: LA Movie Review.

We rented this moving last night and went in not expecting much from it. It looked pretty cheesy from the previews and didn't do very well in the theaters. I now wonder why?

It's pretty much pure action from start to finish. Lots of drama with the characters, and overall a good pace. I can see that a few of the things that people didn't care for such as the lack of character development for most of the people except for a few. But the few that were there it was standard action stuff. Not a lot of depth, but enough to connect to the character. I didn't feel sad when any of the minor characters died until near the end when some surprises happen. I found the special effects to be decent. Nothing wonderful, about a step up from SyFy movies.

The one thing that I think was my favorite aspect of the movie was that it was an alien invasion movie, yet it dealt with the military in a different way. It was a platoon of ground troops, not air force, not navy, but some grunts on the ground doing all the dirty work. It felt different to me. I enjoyed it overall, but don't expect too much. If you go in expecting something wonderful. Taper your expectations and it might surprise you.

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