Friday, October 7, 2011

Greatest writing moment?

So I've been writing for almost 15 years now. I have quite a few moments that stand out for me, such as my first completed screenplay, or my first completed novel. Don't get me wrong both of those are great achievements, but I was thinking of something else.

The first time I wrote a short screenplay back in early 2000 for myself and on a whim decided to enter it in a contest. I've done it before for other writing things before and this was the first time that I actually was given a positive reaction and it made me feel proud. Made me feel qualified. I remember reading the letter saying that I made the top ten in the contest of about 15,000 entries.

Second would be when I got my first request for ky novel off of a partial request that was exciting because it gave ne hope that I know how to write which is a great motivator for all our future tasks.

Unfortunately both of turned into failures but they still remain very important steps in my writing careers. At least my screenplay might someday be produced by my director friend someday.

So my fellow awesome bloggers what was one or a couple of your favorite moments that either gave you hope or justification that you can do this?

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  1. Funny how these "moments" come at the most needed times.

    I was taking a creative writing class and shortly after I turned in my first assignment, I found out I was getting an unexpected divorce. When the teacher asked if she could enter my short story in a contest, I gave her permission. (I don't remember--I think I was in shock.) It won first place, complete with certificate, $100 prize and publication in something. I moved and never saw it. But like you, it was validation and, for me, it was very much needed.

    Don't look at your two "almosts" as failures. They were simply near misses. Keep writing. Your day will come.