Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Great Beta Reader search

So for the past few days, I've been searching for some beta readers to read my current project. I've posted a post on Agent Query, as well as, both places I frequent. I even used facebook and so far only have 2 interested people. Both are either friends or family, which is great, but I'm looking for other writers.

This got me thinking, maybe October is a rough month for writers, lots are deep in revisions of their own, some are planning their Nano novels, and some are maybe just getting back into the swing of things after school started and other daily things returned to normal last month.

What is everyone up to? I've been busy rewriting with my new night work schedule so my writing time has been a little hectic on my part. I've been still keeping up with my crit groups schedule no problem, and balancing life with all the other things. So my question is simple, what is everyone doing this fall? I hope to start querying in December/January if I can, but the lack of available beta readers is making it difficult to reach that goal.

Anyways, I hope everyone has a fun filled fall and talk to you Friday.

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