Sunday, April 3, 2011

Splatterhouse PS3 review

I haven't done a video game review in a long time and felt that since I will be finishing some books that I won in a contest (Thank you Michelle McLean) I will have reviews of the books I won coming up soon.

So on to the video game review. This game is a redone version of an early game back in the Genesis days. It's a beat'em up game with a gory twist. I found the gore to be fitting and the humor to be just right. I really enjoyed the combat and the satisfaction I got from destroying the various creatures.

I thought that the blood looked believable, with the gore in the splatter kills to be nice and realistic.

One of the things that became a nuisance was the camera had trouble at time. It sometimes became a distraction that could lead to your death at times. The biggest issue that I ran into were bugs and glitches that should have never been. It just showed bad quality assurance and left a bad taste in my mouth after I played it a lot.

I found the pacing of the story to be nice. It didn't seemed rushed and I thought it covered a lot of ground in terms of story. The characters were there and that's all they needed to be.

I would give this game an easy 4/10, and only because it's pretty easy to get through with some major glitches that would reset my system, or completely freeze it.

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