Monday, April 25, 2011

Family Update

Since this blog is about a little bit of everything, I am going to update things about my family.

Since I can't remember the last update I gave, I am just going to dive in.

My ten year old has started doing choir. It gives her something to do and keep her away from the television and computer which she was previously spending way too much time on.

My five year old has started gymnastics and already moved up one level up to the "Sparklers" level, which is exciting for her. I think she's enjoying it immensely and really getting her more acquainted to being in an organized activity, which hopefully should make the transition to school easier.

My two year old has started to really talk and show personality. I really like these years because its very cool watching them develop into small people.

So to keep this writing related, we did an easter egg hunt at the zoo on Saturday and at our house on Sunday and it got me thinking about writing.

One thing that this made me think of was how while we are writing is how we like to slowly reveal the secrets (eggs) and develop the plot so that the reader (hunter) finds them in the order you want for an engaging story.

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