Sunday, March 27, 2011

Screenwriting rule 2

I started this segment on Monday, so if you have any questions about the history of how this subject came about you can check it out below, or above, or to the side. However you have your blog reader formated.

The second rule:

The character names are supposed to be in Capital letters when you first introduce them. This was useful for me because it made it hard for me to forget the character even if they only showed up once in the entire script. This helps me now because when I create a character I develop a character one sheet for them. This is basically their history and the minute details of them. I don't refer to them all the time, but if I forget a character who has been out of touch in my book for a while, I can get reacquainted.

What are some of the ways that you get to know your characters? How to remember the minor ones? What are some of your favorite character traits that you have come up with?

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