Sunday, March 27, 2011

Screenwriting rule 1

Has anyone thought about attempting writing a screenplay?

I started writing them back in 1996, during my junior year of high school. My English teacher of the year was having us go through poetry, screen writing and short story writing over the course of the year. A 3rd of the class on each section, and during the time I was really into video games, and wanted to do something with Computer Science.

The teacher in question inspired my creative side in ways that I hadn't experienced before. The way that she presented the material was different to me, because she gave us freedom to explore the stories that we wanted. Weirdly enough, as you might have known by the title of this post, is that I really got interested in screenwriting.

The format was strict, the rules were there and you had to follow them. This was enticing to me because at the time I was a skater, who played sports video games with friends. I didn't really have much in the ways of goals outside of working in video games.

So I wanted to share with you some of the things that I liked about screenwriting over this week.

Rule 1:

If the camera can't see it, you can't write it. This rule wasn't that hard to grasp and I liked it because back in my teenager self, I had trouble dealing with internal emotions and conflicts. I did find out that I could write one mean action scene, and my dialog was realistic.

Have any of you tried another format to tell your story? What did you learn about yourself during the process.

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