Monday, November 15, 2010

You can't call them Zombies!

“Anna?” Kyle said.

A wave of dizziness washed over Anna as she pulled herself back up. The man’s eyes were wide with fear. Drool ran from the left side of his mouth as he mumbled about justice.

“Anna!” Kyle screamed. She didn’t understand the urgency in his voice. She covered her mouth as bile crawled up her throat. It stung, bringing tears to her eyes.

“Anna, wake up. Come on.” Kyle yelled and slammed his feet against the ground.

She let loose, the vomit spilled out of her mouth. It splashed between her hands. The smell made her nose burn. Still shaky she used the chair to stand up and looked at Kyle. The woman was stirring. Her hands twitching and a guttural growl came from her.

Not again. Anna thought as she fought down the urge to vomit again.

“Anna? She’s waking up.” Kyle said. “Come untie me.”

Still weak and uncertain of her balance, she shuffled toward him. Taking extra caution she stepped around the woman and crouched behind Kyle. Her fingers tugged at the knots, but with the mixture of sweat and nerves she made a mess of the rope. Rubbing the tears out of her eyes, she cursed under her breath and started again.

The knots were too tight and she didn’t have time to waste. A slurping sound caused her stomach to clench. A growl rose and Anna peaked around the chair. The woman had stood up. Blood poured from her cheek where the gunshot exited. Most of her teeth were missing before and now she only had two at the top of her mouth. They gleamed pink stained with blood. Her eyes locked on Kyle and she started toward him.

Anna grabbed the nearest item, a bible off the end table and raised it as she stood. “He’s not for you.”

She swung, knocking the woman down. It got her attention off Kyle, but now it was on Anna.

The woman stood again, her dead blank stare on Anna. Blood ran in congealed streams from her cheek across her shirt.

Anna backed away, keeping her attention as she made her way toward the rifle that rested on the floor in front of the man. If she could manage to get that before the woman got her, she would be in good shape.

“Come on.” Anna yelled her nerves still fried and not sure if the woman would follow with two meals not trying to escape, but she did. Her staggered steps shuffled along the wood floor. The growl she let out was met by more outside. Not a good sign that they were nearby.

Inching her way toward the rifle, she held the bible in one hand as she glanced at the gun.

With the woman only three steps away, Anna tossed the bible at her head and dove for the rifle. The cold steel set her adrenaline on fire and she knelt down trying to figure out how to use the gun. The trigger didn’t do anything and the woman closed in on her. Her teeth snapping as she moved in for the first bite.

Giving up on the rifle she used it like a bat and hit the woman in the head. She fell against the man, who groaned as the woman slumped against him.

Anna spotted a knife strapped to the man’s leg and went for it. The woman growled, the man screamed and Anna ripped the knife free. “You two deserve each other.” She said and moved back over next to Kyle.

“Honey, I fed you in life, and I’ll feed you in death.” The man said moments before the woman bit into his uninjured shoulder. He laughed as she tore the flesh from him. “I love you.”

Anna, not wanting to look, focused on the rope. The knife sliced through the rope easily and Kyle stood. “Get the girl. We need to leave.”

Anna slid over next to the girl and sliced her free. The metal pole fell free and she picked up the girl. The fire behind her felt good on her shaky legs. “Where? They are out there.”

Kyle picked up the knife and slowly made his way toward the rifle. The front door swung open as he grabbed the gun. Two more creatures shambled inside and ignored them. They went straight for the laughing man and started to feast.

Kyle waved her toward the door. With a look of his eyes, she knew to remain as quiet as she could. With Kyle behind her, they left the house. Darkness surrounding them and sounds from every direction. The creatures were coming and they were out in the middle of nowhere with very little in weapons and an unconscious girl.


  1. Scary. I love your descriptions, though . . . my skin is crawling thinking of the guy who lets zombies eat him alive.

  2. Thank you very much. I've been trying to really up the tension in this. I hope it is working.