Sunday, November 14, 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs the World Review

I'm a bit of a video game nut and thought that this movie might hit the right notes based on the previews. So I picked it up over the weekend. My initial response to the film was that it was sort of bland to start, but once Ramona came into the picture it picked up pretty well.

I enjoyed the nerdy video game references that were sprinkled throughout the movie. I enjoyed the acting and actually for the first time sat through an entire Michael Cera movie which is an accomplishment on its own. I just turned off Youth in Revolt halfway through the other night.

Now that I didn't like with the film was that pacing was a bit slow in between the fights with the evil exes and the band members were sort of annoying throughout.

I did enjoy the small special effects such as "KO" and the points after each fight. It made me want to play video games after I was done watching it. I also liked the way that it ended.

I would give this film a solid 4/5, and considering that I have heard things about the movie, it lived up to my expectations.

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