Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What makes this so difficult?

I have started to query, and so far I have gotten a request, a few rejections and some plain out no responses yet. Now I've been through this road before and I don't mind the difficulty, but I do get a little frustrated by the new policy that "no response means no." I know agents are busy and they have a ton of queries to sift through each day, but I honestly think that even a quick, no thanks would be better than just nothing.

I know some agents do have a simple form rejection which doesn't bother me because at least I get a response.

So my question is to my fellow writers, what makes this part of the process so difficult? Is it the waiting, the lack of responses, or even the idea that your beloved story might not be worth the time of an agent?

If this sounds like I'm complaining I don't mean it to sound that way. I really enjoy the whole process, I'm just curious about this new policy. I've been doing this for a while now, so the rejection has sort of become part of the game and I don't let it hang on me.

One thing I have noticed, and do like is the amount of different ways to get your work in front of agents now. Before it was just the query letter and the occasional contest, but now there are so many blogs, and websites that you can get your project in front of different people that it makes it for an exciting time to be a writer. If you cant write a query letter worth a damn, then you have Miss Snarks blog where you can post the first 250 words and agents can come by and take a look. You have other agents, like Janet Reid who has a special blog where she provides insight into queries for those brave enough to enter the shark's den.

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