Monday, March 12, 2012

NFL Offseason

Tomorrow is the official start of the NFL off season with free agency. 

Lots of big names could potentially get new homes. Now my team, the Carolina Panthers, aren't expected to make a splash, however, I wanted to mention a few players that are on the top of the list of big names:

Peyton Manning: The Manning saga, a lot like the Bret Favre one from a few years ago, but in a different way. He's a Hall of Fame QB, who is very coveted, despite the uncertainty of his injury. Now I would think he would be a great pick up by many teams, but some of the ones I think he will sign with are the Broncos, (poor Tebow), or the Dolphins. This is just what I read from, however, the point remains both teams are playoff caliber and the missing piece is the QB, so Manning would be a good fit for either team.

Mario Williams: He's a guy I would like the Panther's to pick up, but they probably won't because he's going to demand and receive a big paycheck. I think the Texans are still in the running for him, but other teams are in the mix, like the Cowboys, who like to spend big in free agency.

Vincent Jackson: A tall, explosive, WR from San Diego, lots of teams could use the play making ability but I think only teams that are in a good cap situation like the Buccaneers, or the Bears would get a chance at him. Both need help at WR too.

So those are some of the big name free agents. I think later in the week, I will post my thoughts on the Panther's free agents and whether or not we should keep them or let them test the market.

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