Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Sorry about missing Monday, I had the day off from work for a wedding and just completely forgot about blogging beforehand.

On to today's post, I have my manuscript out with Beta readers and so far have received a bit of feedback. The rest shouldn't be back until the end of the month, so about two weeks. In the meantime I'm Beta reading for a crit partner and have noticed something in the way I critique.

I am a more story oriented person, looking at plot and character inconsistencies. I notice the grammar, spelling, or punctuation  if it stands out, but generally I read for story. I don't know if that makes me a better or worse partner, but I have noticed that it's the way I work.

Maybe that's why when I go over my own work, I miss things that should be easy to spot such as a comma instead of a semicolon. One thing I did learn that I probably learned years and years ago, was the comma after sentences in dialog where the said tag is after the dialog. Seems like such an amateur mistake too, oh well.

What is your method of feedback for others? What are some of the mistakes that you can see in others work, but miss completely in yours?

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