Friday, July 22, 2011

Character Interview - Kellen

I got this idea from one of my other crit partners and thought that I would try it with my current character cast to help everyone understand them better. This first one is going to be with the main character's love interest - Kellen

Thanks for joining me today, how have you handled your new found relationship with Rebecca?
She's one of a kind for sure. I think that I've been supportive, helping her out when she needs it. It's been fun chilling with her since the incidents in Peakside. I just hope that I can keep up with her.

Keep up with her?
Yeah, I mean she just took on that Cole guy which from what I've gathered is one of the strongest Followers in the nation. That's got to mean something.

How's your relationship with Alex now, you know, after the whole Peakside thing?
It's a bit different. I'm dating his sister which is awkward, but he seems distracted if you know what I mean. He's a good guy, but it's not the same anymore. We've sort of grown apart, but we're still friends you know?

Yeah, I can understand that, it's hard sometimes. So what's your plan now?
I still plan to graduate from Peakside High this next year, then I'm not sure. I haven't really thought that far. Maybe college, maybe be Rebecca's sidekick. Hahaha, no but for real, I want to graduate from Peakside High and then see where things are then.

You still want to go there after all that's happened? Why?
Because that's still my home, my friends are still there, my family still. Despite the changes, I still call Peakside home. Now Rebecca on the other hand...

That's cool. Do you think Peakside would welcome her if she wanted to return?
Yeah, I mean, she did do some pretty brave things and all. It might be weird at first, but over time things calm down and return to normal.

I don't think so, but if you say so. What do you think is next for Rebecca?
I don't know. Since everything that's happened, you know, she's grown up. She's seen a side of life that not many of us will ever see and survived. 

That sounds sort of scary, do you think she wants you around still?
Yeah, we still hang out and do the couple thing, but sometimes I just see it in her eyes. She wants to be out there saving people and such. She's not shy anymore, she's enbraced who she truly is and that's one tough chick.

One last question then I'll let you get back to your day. What do you think is going to happen with The Collector now?
You mean since he's not dead and all?

I don't know. I mean there are still some questions whether or not he'll wake up or just remain in the coma. I just don't know.... And I don't think Rebecca or Alex know either. Thank you.

Thank you for your time. 

So what did you think of Kellen? What did you think of the interview, especially for those who have read the book? I don't think I gave anything away, but still kept it true to his character.

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