Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Subplots? The great underlying plot that sort of floats under the radar except for the times it doesn't. The poor subplot gets second billing, isn't usually as liked as the main plot, and feels inferior in that case, but it doesn't always have to be inferior. It can be used to strengthen the story in ways that we don't see at first.

What are some of you favorite subplots?

I seem to see a lot of romantic subplots, and they are fine and all, but what other kinds are there?

There is the mystery subplot, where there is something brewing then usually pops up at the end to reveal something that the character needed.

There is the action subplot, this is usually a main plot, but occasionally it can be a subplot. Usually its more of a infighting sort of thing and between minor characters, but it can be big and have lots of effect on the main plot.

So those are a few of the ones that I'm playing with my current project, what are some of your favorite subplots?

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  1. Hmmm, I can't think of some right now, but if I could they would be the kinds that help move the story along, that enrich it. I've come across books where they've actually made my eyes roll or cringe and think that the novel could've done without, you know?

    Thank you for the post! :)
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