Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I was reading the wonderful Nathan Bransford blog yesterday and he had a post about editing and his process. It got me thinking of my process and how it has changed depending on the project.

My first novel I blazed through in about 3 weeks. It was easy because I wrote the screenplay first and I just had to adapt it. I was naive and my first draft only came out to about 180 pages. I looked at it and decided that if I used two POV's then it would add length and allow me to show more of the story. It worked, it moved to 311 pages. I then began to edit it. After a month of editing, I sent it out to some crit members and they started to comment on the difficulty of writing in present tense. I wrote screenplays, present tense was my baby, but alas after really thinking about it. I changed it to past tense. Such a pain.

After about 5 rounds of edits, I thought it was polished enough to send out. I was right. It got some requests, it got some partials to fulls, however nothing turned into an offer. That's cool. I was working on another project at the same time so I was chill.

Fast forward to my Nano project. Wrote it in 30 days. Edited in two months. Started to get feedback from a crit group and realized that it stunk. Full of flaws and I shelved it. I still like the story, but am not ready to go back to it.

I wrote a few other novels during this time. The sequel to my first novel. Another novel that I haven't finished yet, but still love the main character.

Now on to my current project. This one is different. I've been working on it since early Jan. I'm about 190 pages in right now and am using a technique that Nathan mentions in his blog. Every night when I sit down, I reread stuff I wrote the night before and take about 15 to 20 minutes to edit it. It does two things, it gets my mind back into the story, and it gets me writing. I like this method best because I feel that even if I hit a wall, or a distraction comes up I accomplished something. I usually write a chapter in two days this way. I hope that when I complete the draft, it will be basically a draft 1.5 because of editing a bit as I go.

Anyways, enough with my process. What is your process? What are some of your favorite techniques that you want to share? I would love to know what you think of my current process.

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