Monday, December 6, 2010

You can't call them Zombies!

“With those things out there, we can’t turn on the lights.” A warm sense of dread ran over Anna like she had never felt before. This girl’s life balanced in her hands and she didn’t know if she could take it.

“I’ll stay here with her, you go find something. Tylenol or something like it.” Kyle said. In the faint moonlight, she saw him caressing the girl’s hair.

Her face had a sallow look to it. Her bottom lip quivered and she stared at Anna with glazed eyes. It didn’t look like the run of the mill fever.

Unable to take it any longer, Anna headed back to the front of the store. The shelves were packed with various items. There were many canned jars of various fruits and vegetables. Up and down she went trying to see the labels in the shadows. Thin lines of moonlight streamed in through the blinds, but it wasn’t enough. Everything looked the same.

As the time went on, panic set in and her vision blurred the faster she searched. Growls began to grow outside, a few of the creatures shambled past the store window. Their guttural growls hung in their throats.

One time, one of the creatures stopped and stared in through the window. The dead eyes seemed to remember something about the location. Anna remained crouched down, time ticking away in her head as the creature stood there. After about five minutes, Anna heard the shuffling move on. She let out a shaky sigh and continued her search.

Finally, she found a section of medicines. Running her fingers over the labels she found various generic brands until she found Tylenol. She grabbed three boxes and hurried back to the Kyle.

Pushing open the door, she stopped at the sight of the back door open. A steady cold breeze came in through the opening. Not able to understand why Kyle would ditch her like that, especially with the girl in no condition to be moving. She snuck toward the open door and peeked out.

A single jeep sat idle in the gravel. A soldier stood behind the machine gun in the back. Kyle and the girl were slouched over the back seat and a man dressed in a general’s uniform or something stood next to the jeep.

Clutching the medicine, Anna stared at the scene. Her last run in with the military had been them shooting at her and Kyle. Now they had the only two people she could trust the most.

Not sure what to do, Anna scanned the area. It appeared that the creatures weren’t around, but why was the General standing next to the jeep when he could be driving out of town. Were they waiting for someone else? Her maybe?

What should Anna do?

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